Case Study

NW Vibrational Sound Therapy


Michelle had a dream. Her dream was to start her own Vibrational Sound Therapy business with the goal to help others have better health through a therapeutic process designed to help relax and retune our bodies. Michelle’s fledgling business needed a logo design, business cards, a brochure/rack card, and a website. We started with logo design and branding, then moved on to collateral design (business cards and a brochure). Next we built her website. Read more in the details section about how we ended up with a brand, materials and website that fits her to a(n NWVS)T.


Branding and Logo Design:

With our first “design” meeting, we talked about a lot of things. One of my favorite things to do when preparing to design for folks is to have them just start collecting ideas. This includes everything from photographs they love, colors they love, and words that stand out to them or mean something special to them. The ideas don’t have to relate to their business – the only requirement is that they really like and have meaning in what they’re looking at. Michelle jumped right in and started emailing me a lot of different ideas related around one of her favorite things; the desert and the colors of the desert, summer, flowers, and nature.

What followed after in my initial sketching and fleshing out of the logo design ended up as one of her favorite creatures; a dragonfly, but not just any dragonfly. Her logo design morphed into one the shape of which is continuous, and the body parts and wings were diaphanous colors which centered around the desert sand and its hues of gold, soft pink, and a deep, almost black plum-brown. After that, everything fell into place.

Print Design:

Next Michelle needed business cards. We decided to go with a cream paper, which ensured the carryover of the flavors of the desert. A bit of useful and fun information on the back with a very cool application of the dragonfly symbol very lightly screened in the back and voila! She also wanted a brochure in a rack card design which had more information about the company which she planned to use to hand out and send to people. This was also designed and printed on the same paper with the same colors and style.

Website Design:

The website was the last project I worked on for NW Vibrational Sound Therapy. It has the same look and feel as the logo and the print materials I designed, and required the ability to purchase and book services, and the ability to purchase gift certificates and other possible future products (such as t-shirts or other swag). We included an FAQ section including common questions about Vibrational Sound Therapy, Gong Sound Baths, and Crystal Bowl Sound Baths, a services page, an about page (Our Story), a contact page, and a page about the business location and yurt space.

Content Management System Used:  WordPress

Theme:  Custom designed and developed specifically for this website.


  • Ability for site visitors and customers to purchase and book services (currently disabled due to Covid-19 restrictions).
  • Ability for site visitors to purchase gift certificates.
  • Showcase Yurt space built for the practice as well as offering the space for event rental.

Project Photos

NW Vibrational Sound Therapy - Logo Design

NW Vibrational Sound Therapy – Logo Design

NW Vibrational Sound Therapy - Business Card Design

NW Vibrational Sound Therapy – Business Card Design

NW Vibrational Sound Therapy - Website Design

NW Vibrational Sound Therapy – Website Design