Case Study

Passport Online, Inc.

Client Overview

Passport Online, Inc., based in Beaverton, Oregon, is one of the leading technology solution providers for the leisure travel industry. Among their top customers are 100 of the top travel industry suppliers, a majority of the leading travel consortia and host agency organizations, and thousands of independent travel professionals.

Projects Overview

Website Redesign:

Passport Online, Inc. asked us to redesign their website. We gladly took on the project coming up with a design that helped the company more easily showcase their products. The colors used in the redesign were a navy blue, a soft blue, gold, and dark gray. This fresh new design brought their website in line with their corporate image and resulted in a happy client.

Theme Design:

Ë design studio has worked on several other projects for them as well. We designed five custom themes for their proprietary content management system update.