Case Study

Toledo Food Pantry


A member of the Toledo Food Pantry board came to me for help with their existing website. I took a look, made some adjustments to the existing site, and then gave my thoughts on what should be done to make it better. I recommended that we move the site into WordPress and onto new hosting, and after that I would work my magic. They agreed, and I went to work on the new design and development of a new version of the site.

Toledo Food Share Pantry is a non-profit organization located in Toledo, Oregon. They serve the region there to help stop hunger. To find out more, or to donate, visit their website.


The Website:

With the green light on, I went to work on this fun website redesign/rebuild project.

Content:  They still needed most of the pages from the old site but with updated information. I combined the short mission page, and the page about what the Food Pantry does, along with the Service Area and Income pages into one page about the pantry and called it “What We do”, which allowed me to reduce the size of the menu at the top. I also updated the “Our Team” page with new information about the Board, the Pantry Staff, and the Volunteers, adding new and updated photos. We added some much needed website and pantry policy pages, as well as documents about the non-profit organization as well.

Design: I was given carte blanche for the design and so I went with a completely new color palette, using black, white, green, and gold, as well as images relating to food donation, how to volunteer, and more. I also made sure the entire site was responsive and code compliant. The “Make A Donation” button is featured all over the site, as well as the ability to tap any phone number in the site to call for more information about donations or how to volunteer. A custom header and footer with full information graces each page, and updated links to social media connection is also included. The logo for the website was also updated with a new graphic within the half-circle, and I used the same icon as the website’s favicon. All in all a huge success.

Content Management System Used:  WordPress

Theme:  Custom designed and developed specifically for this website.

Project Photos

Toledo Food Pantry - Website Design

Toledo Food Pantry – Website Design

Toledo Food Share Pantry - Favicon

Toledo Food Share Pantry – Favicon

Toledo Food Share Pantry - Logo

Toledo Food Share Pantry – Logo