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Welcome to affordable meets customizable. All packages start at a base price of $399 and come with a fully-customizable design, website construction, and step-by-step instructions on how to manage your website.


Get Graphic Design


Base Package


This package includes three separate sections designed to highlight your areas of expertise, plus a header and footer area. Each section integrates with the site navigation.

You also get a complete set of step-by-step instructions on how to manage your website.

Plus Package

$399 + $25/mo

Includes Base Package features PLUS we manage your hosting and maintain your website’s backups.

This is a great option for those who want a basic site, AND don’t want to mess with trying to figure out hosting.

We’ll do the work and ensure your website is live, and backed up.

Premium Package

$399 + $50/mo

Get everything in the other two packages AND keep your site’s system and content updated.

This package gets you updates to WordPress, your site’s Theme, and any installed Plugins on the site. Each month you get one hour of my time to update your content on your site.

1) Find the level of service that works for you

We offer a full complement options with more features in each package. If you don’t see something here, check out our “extras” and “integrations” section below for more customization and functionality that we can add to your site. And if you still don’t see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask.


✓ Custom Design

✓ Website Construction

✓ Training Materials

Managed Hosting

Site Backups

WordPress Updates

Theme Updates

Plugin Updates

Mo. Content Updates *


✓ Custom Design

✓ Website Construction

✓ Training Materials

✓ Managed Hosting

✓ Site Backups

WordPress Updates

Theme Updates

Plugin Updates

Mo. Content Updates *

Plus Package Bonus!
Get ONE “Extra” or “Integration” free! **


✓ Custom Design

✓ Website Construction

✓ Training Materials

✓ Managed Hosting

✓ Site Backups

✓ WordPress Updates

✓ Theme Updates

✓ Plugin Updates

✓ Mo. Content Updates *

Premium Package Bonus!
Get TWO “Extras” and/or “Integrations” free! **

* Monthly Content Update: Additional time beyond the first hour each month will be billed at the rate of $100/hour
** Third-party subscriptions for Bonus “Extras” or “Integrations” are not included.

2) Add customizations designed to enhance your website

Need more features for your website than what’s listed in the above packages? Great! We offer complete customization for your entire site with the following additional options (And if you still don’t see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask):


What’s the difference between sections and pages?

Find out more ›


Extra Sections:


More Details

Need more than three sections on your homepage? Then this is the “extra” for you! Get an additional section (or more) to highlight or focus on more areas of expertise.

Starts at $39 per section.

Price may vary based on section content or complexity.


Extra Pages:


More Details

Need more than just one page? Maybe you need to showcase an additional project, skill, or service? We’ll build that page to fit your needs and include it in the site navigation.

Starts at $49 per page.

Price may vary based on page content and complexity.


Contact Form:


More Details

Need a way for your website visitors to contact you? We can add a contact form to your website that does just that!

Starts at $29 per form.

Price may vary based on form complexity. Excludes third-party subscriptions and fees.

Calendar Integration:


More Details

Need to display your calendar for your customers or employees? We can integrate your calendar into your website.

Starts at $29.

Price varies depending on the tool used. Excludes third-party fees and subscriptions.

Events Listing Integration


More Details

Need to display your events on your site? We can integrate your events into your website in either a list for grid format.

Starts at $29.

Price varies depending on the tool used. Excludes third-party fees and subscriptions.

Scheduling Integration:


More Details

Need a way to show when you’re available to schedule meetings? Need the ability for your clients or potential clients to schedule a time to meet with you? We can integrate your scheduling tools into your website.

Starts at $29.

Price varies depending on the tool used. Excludes third-party fees and subscriptions.

So what’s the process?

After we’ve had our initial consult and you’ve signed on with us to do your website, here’s how it works…

Send Your Content

We make it easy!

All you do is fill out the simple online form to submit your content and design preferences.

Design it

Once we’ve received your content and design preferences, we’ll get going on the design and plan for the site build.

Build it

This is the phase where we build out your website using WordPress, one of the best content management and website building systems on the planet.

Launch it

We’re almost there! You’ll see a preview and do a final review.

We make the changes, optimize it for speed, ensure it’s device agnostic, and either hand it off to you or get the site up live on our hosting platform.

(a) Client Responsibilities: In line with our process, you will need to provide all the content before the design phase commences. This will be delivered to us on or before the anticipated commencement date.

(b) We design sites to be “device agnostic”. What that means is that your site should function well, and look great in any of the major browsers, and on any screen (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile). We cannot entirely guarantee it will work everywhere, but we can say it will be 99% accurate almost everywhere.

(c) If you’ve opted to have us do the hosting, we’ll take care of publishing your site.

(d) If you’re taking care of the hosting, you’ll receive the finished website and supporting instructional documents. You’ll take it from this point and put it up on your own host.

Questions? We’ve got answers!

Nope. We don’t like hidden fees, do you? We’ve designed this process to be as easy and as affordable as possible, while still maintaining quality work. The results speak for themselves. You get a beautiful, affordable, and effective design. There are no hidden fees; no hidden costs. We also offer different levels of support and added functionality at an additional cost. No gimmicks, no hidden anything, ever. If it is going to cost you we’ll always contact you first so you can decide if you want to add that cost to your design bill.

The only fees required up front is either the base payment of $399 or half the total cost of the entire build (whichever is greater). Prior to project commencement, you’ll receive a document which lists out everything before we begin any work. You’ll get a list of exactly what you’re getting, so you will know your total bill even before we get started.

Yes, there is a contract. Contracts are an important piece of the process. The contract I provide has protection for both parties – ensuring the terms are fair and not one-sided. It lists out exactly what the project consists of, and what’s expected from each party. Contracts remove doubt, ambiguity, and potential for confusion. This one was written by an excellent attorney who is particularly fond of ensuring that people treat each other fairly.

You have two options. We can send you a backup of your website, or you can contract with us to move it to a new host of your choice. We do require 30 days notice for any cancellation.

Managed hosting means I’m managing your hosting for you. I take care of the setup and maintenance, leaving you to focus on your business.

Hosting Setup is a one-time service. I help you setup your hosting (the place where your website files are located), and help get your website up and running on the host.

WordPress plays nice with Google and other search engines, has loads of themes and plugins for advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is fast and mobile friendly, community supported, secure and easy to learn. It is the perfect CMS (Content Management System) for SEO and building websites that rank well. It’s free to install, deploy, and upgrade. WordPress is easy to use, and it now powers more than 26% of the web. It’s also flexible enough for just about anything.

We’re available to answer any questions. Either email us, call us, or send us a note. We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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A section is just one part of your homepage. The base package comes with three. You will be able to navigate to any of these sections just by scrolling down the page. You’ll also be able to navigate to them by clicking on any of the navigation menu items as well. The beauty of sections is that everything is on one page, so there’s no need to load a new page, thus making your website load faster. Sections are really great for an overall showcase of those main areas of focus – things you really want your visitors to see more than anything else on the site.

A page is a separate location within your website (rather like another page in a book). Pages are great when there’s a lot more content for a particular topic of focus. Some use cases are for things like lists of documents visitors can view/download, or maybe you need to showcase your work in a portfolio. Pages are great for that.

We make this simple and painless. Each month we’ll send you a simple form to fill out. Using this form you’ll let us know what content needs to be updated.

Unfortunately no. The Monthly Content Update feature is strictly for updating your content (text, and some photo changes).

We don’t recommend you change the design or site structure yourself, as it may make the site stop functioning.

Of course! As a part of all website plans, you will receive a document with instructions on how to access your website, and how to make additions and changes to your website.

You bet! We offer free website audits and consultations. Just send us an email, and we’ll tell you our ideas to improve your site, giving you some good things to think about and some options. Contact us! We’d love to talk with you about your design needs!

We sure do! In fact, designing logos is one of our favorite things to do. We’d love to design something fabulous for you! Please contact us for more information.

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