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Custom Websites & Branding for Small Business, Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Does your website help you

get more business?

Let’s build a website designed to help you:

stand out from your competitors,

resonate with ideal clients, and

grow your business!

Are you ready to level up?

Does this sound like you?

You know your strengths and who you want to help. You’re looking for more ways to meet people and make their lives better.
Your business is growing and moving at a rapid pace, and you’re ready to find someone to work on your website and branding, so you can focus on your clients.
You love your work because it greatly impacts people and their future, and with an improved website, you can grow your business even further!
You understand that a website that resonates with your ideal clients will allow you to help others and help you achieve your goals and dreams.

And you're SO ready to:

move your business into its next phase with:

  • new clients who love you and your offer,
  • the latest web tech to help your business run smoothly,
  • more time to grow your business, and
  • more time to enjoy life!
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You know that every moment you wait, it's costing you:

because your site chases away potential clients and revenue.
because you’re wasting time, money, and energy trying to do it all yourself.
because you don’t have one central place to share your knowledge.
because you are losing sleep over the fact that your website isn’t being taken care of by an expert.
because you are stressed over the fact that potential clients don’t know exactly what you offer and how to get it.

But you KNOW it's possible to:

showcase your offers with tools that function perfectly and make your business look great.

confidently use these tools to get leads, educate clients, and sell your products or services.

I can focus on my business worry-free.

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“Tracy is on top of any website updates and all that behind-the-scenes stuff. I can focus on my Instructional Design business worry-free. My website is a professional representation of my business thanks to Tracy!”

Lauren Kristensen
Owner | Principal Instructional Designer

Here's how we can work together

Here are the three main services I offer:

Website Design & Branding

for those who need
a website & visual identity
web design and branding icon
Perfect for you if you’re ready to make an impact using your online presence and brand.
What you'll get:

A visually stunning website and branding that embodies your business and resonates with your ideal clients, giving you a tool you can use to promote your business.

Website Design

for those who
need a website built
web design icon
Perfect for you if you’re ready to leave a lasting impression through your online presence.
What you'll get:

A beautiful and functional website that reflects your company and captivates your target audience, empowering you to showcase your offerings and drive business growth.


for those who need
a visual identity created
branding icon
Perfect for you if you’re ready to refine and amplify your company’s visual identity.
What you'll get:

Professionally crafted brand assets that elevate and help you stand out in a crowded market, providing you a strong foundation designed to build trust and loyal customers.

Aren't sure what you need? Let's talk about what's possible:

Attention to detail.

custom websites,websites & branding,small business,entrepreneurs,professionals,get more business,your website,you're so ready,it's costing you,how we can work together

“Truly gifted, innovative and knowledgeable, Tracy is is quick to understand your intention, taking your ideas and turning them into results that represent you and your purpose. Her attention to detail is very impressive. She even took the time to explain things in ‘non-computer’ lingo making me feel more at ease. I would be lost without Tracy’s valuable abilities!”​

Angela Gustafson
Certified Holistic Nutritionist

This is for you if:

You're clear on what you're good at, who you want to help, and what your offers are, and you're seeking more ways to connect and make a difference.
Your biz is kicking into high gear, and you're thrilled to hand off the website and branding stuff so you can keep rolling with your clients.
You're eager to embrace the dynamic nature of website and brand development, seeing it as an exciting ride filled with opportunities for growth through ongoing tweaks and changes.
You're all about meaningful work and you know that a better website and branding (crafted and managed by an expert who is ready to take care of every last detail) would help you crank up your business growth even more!

This is NOT for you if:

You're not quite sure who your ideal client is, and you aren't sure what your offers are going to be in the next year.
You're just looking for a dirt-cheap website deal, not really caring about how well it works or connects with folks.
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Schedule with me: Here's how it works

Three simple steps to get started.

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The Chat

We start with a cozy, casual call over Zoom to explore your vision for your business, and outline how we can transform those dreams into reality.
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The Plan

If we are a good fit to work together, I'll send over a project proposal – your first step towards a dazzling online presence designed just for you!
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Let's Go

Love the plan? Confirm your booking and lock in your spot! Then we dive in to make your vision a sparkling success. Let's do this!

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picture of Tracy Trathen (wearing a hockey jersey)

Hi! I'm Tracy!

I'm Tracy, and I'm all about empowering fellow entrepreneurs like you to craft websites that truly reflect your vision and propel your success forward!

Navigating the WordPress landscape, I understand that every business faces its unique challenges online. That's where I come in—to untangle those web-related woes and make your digital presence shine.

I specialize in delivering top-notch design and web solutions tailored for small businesses, solopreneurs, and professionals who are ready to leave a lasting impression on their audience.

My heart beats for the underdog—those small ventures seeking a strategic designer who's also a coding whiz (think of me as your digital fairy godmother).

Drawing from over two decades of website development and more than three decades of graphic design experience, my mission is simple: to provide you with crystal-clear guidance and unwavering support in crafting a brand and marketing strategy that sets you apart.

A website that works starts here.

Let's build you a website that’s fast, looks fabulous, and is a tool you can use to help convert visitors to clients.