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Four Marketing Myths

Laughable thoughts about what effective marketing is not!

Have you ever heard or read something about your industry that made you laugh really hard because you know it’s completely not true? I know I have; some of these are myths about marketing. Here are the four biggest laughable marketing myths I hear frequently:

all about the logo

1 – “It’s all about the logo”

Ummm…. that’s only partly right. Honestly, while logos are important, and if you don’t have one, that’s your first mistake, your logo is only one SMALL part of your entire brand story. When you meet someone new you don’t just take in their nose, do you? You notice their whole face, their body language, what they’re wearing, the way they speak, etc., etc., . . . and you do it all without even realizing it. The same goes for your business brand. But rather than just looking at your nose (your logo), your potential clients are noticing your brand colors, your style, how your message sounds (your voice), how you present it, and more – they notice everything. ⁠This means you need to make sure everything looks good, presents a consistent message, and functions to promote your business in the best possible way.

2 – “We need to appeal to a lot of different buyers to have a better chance at landing more clients!”

Nope. While logically it seems like that makes sense it’s definitely not true. The logic is that if you cast your net wider, you’ll have a bigger chance of catching something, right? Wrong. The broader you make your service or product, the more ambiguous you seem. You come across as unclear, confused, and a bit too blah (you’re trying to appeal to many which means you don’t really appeal to anyone specifically). The perfect marketing exists by finding your ideal group (your niche), and by your messaging; it should be specific to them. And to put the cherry on top, you should serve your target market well; give them the best experience possible.

marketing myths3 – “Word of mouth is the only marketing I need.”

I wish. If only it were that easy! While word of mouth is probably the best form because it’s so authentic, unfortunately, most small businesses need a bit more than that to function. You need to do more and do it consistently, in order to be known for what you do. You want to get your ideal niche following, partaking, and sharing your business.

4 – “Advertising is marketing, right?”

Now, this is a good one! Yes, advertising is marketing, but it’s only one part of the puzzle. and, honestly, on its own, advertising is pretty useless. Studies show that one lead requires as many as 5-12 touch points (!!!) before they reach out to your business. That could come in the form of visiting your website, reading a few social posts, seeing an ad or a sign, etc., etc., (I think you get it now…). So the question is, are you happy with every single one of your touchpoints because they are all working hard at selling (or not selling) your products.

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Tracy Trathen, Owner and Designer, e design studio, LLC

Tracy Trathen, Owner and Designer, e design studio, LLC

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About the author

Tracy Trathen is the owner and designer at e design studio, LLC. She has a bachelor of science degree in Web Design and Interactive Media, and has over 20 years of web and graphic design experience.

Tracy is also a musician and performs around the Portland, Oregon area with her vocal group. Additionally, she is an avid hockey fan and spends many evenings each month cheering on the Portland Winterhawks hockey club.